It's Not IF... It's WHEN!

It's going to happen. A natural disaster, a mass casualty incident, or even a line of duty death. When it does happen, Chaplains are present to offer assistance. comfort, and care to all in need. But when the event is over, where does the Chaplain turn for help?

That's why Midwest Chaplain Network exists - we want to be an ongoing resource of spiritual and emotional support for First Response Chaplains and the First Responders they serve.


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New Midwest Chaplain Network YouTube Channel!

We recently launched a YouTube channel!  We're looking forward to utilizing this medium to network with Chaplains and to bring vital and important training and information to First Response Chaplains and to the First Responders they serve.  Please visit our channel and subscribe!  We'll be adding videos soon!

Here's the link:

1st Responder Chaplaincy 101 Certification Course

This 1 day training offers new Chaplains the opportunity to establish a strong foundation of how to minister to Police, Fire, and EMS personnel.  It also provides the seasoned Chaplain with a great refresher training in core curriculum.  Click here for course description.

Death Notification 201 Certification Course

There's no such thing as an easy death notification!

Death Notification 201 provides a review of the necessary foundation for Chaplains to provide sensitive, yet professional death notifications while adding an emphasis on the adolescent family member. This course focuses on the difference between a Non-Bereaved Adolescent and a Bereaved Adolescent in crisis and how to minister in both cases.  Click here for course description.

De-Escalation for Chaplains 101 Certification Course

Crisis situations happen all the time. In order to provide care and offer hope on the worst possible day of someone’s life, knowing how to de-escalate a tense and dangerous moment may save the life of not only the consumer, but you as well. This course offers foundational information on various de-escalation techniques used throughout first response departments. Click here for course description.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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