It's Not IF... It's WHEN!

It's going to happen. A natural disaster, a mass casualty incident, or even a line of duty death. When it does happen, Chaplains are present to offer assistance. comfort, and care to all in need. But when the event is over, who pastors the Chaplain?

Midwest Chaplain Network exists to do that - to pastor the Chaplain. Chaplains need an avenue to come together, share their stories, their challenges, their victories, and their failures.


Chaplain 4


This simple devotional can be used day after day, month after month to build and strengthen hope in your life and ministry as a First Response Chaplain.  As you reach out to First Responders and to the community in times of crisis or need, having a strong understanding of biblical hope will enhance the vital ministry that you provide!

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New Name - Same Mission!

We recently changed our "doing business as" name from the Midwest Chaplain Association to the Midwest Chaplain Network.  We felt that the word "Association" reflected more of a governing role than that of a co-laborer in Chaplaincy.  That is not the message we wish to express!  Our leadership team felt that the word "Network" was more appropriate for this organization.  We are an organization that wants to assist other Police, Fire, and EMS Chaplains by providing resources, networking, training, and fellowship with one another. We want to encourage and build up fellow Chaplains in their times of success and in their times of failure!

Thank you for embracing this change with us! We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Spring Summit 2019

Chaplains from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma gathered at the Sedalia, Missouri Police Department on March 16th for a day of networking, teaching, and fellowship.  Our topic of discussion was focused on gaining an understanding on how Chaplains can ensure that they are coping well mentally and spiritually while serving in the police, fire, and EMS culture.


1st Responder Chaplaincy 101 Certification Course

This 1 day training offers new Chaplains the opportunity to establish a strong foundation of how to minister to Police, Fire, and EMS personnel.  It also provides the seasoned Chaplain with a great refresher training in core curriculum.  Click here for course description.

Death Notification 201 Certification Course

There's no such thing as an easy death notification!

Death Notification 201 provides a review of the necessary foundation for Chaplains to provide sensitive, yet professional death notifications while adding an emphasis on the adolescent family member. This course focuses on the difference between a Non-Bereaved Adolescent and a Bereaved Adolescent in crisis and how to minister in both cases.  Click here for course description.