Become part of a family...

Membership in the Midwest Chaplain Network affords the Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Chaplain a professional standing in an organization focused on providing support and care for Chaplains. Established in 2016, MWCN offers the Chaplain the ability to network with other Chaplains, to share in their successes and in their failures.

When you join MWCN, you become part of a family. A family who desires to learn, share, and support each other.  MWCN’s goal is to provide the best training, support and care to first responder Chaplains, while being available to assist them in making their existing programs even better and stronger.  MWCN offers quarterly summits, retreats, and conferences each year in an effort to serve those who serve others.

As part of your membership in MWCN, you will be provided support on several different levels.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • 1 Day Site Visit/Consult for Agency/Department sponsored Chaplains (minimum of 3 Chaplains; can be from different agencies).
  • Support for individual chaplains, chaplaincy programs, or departments desiring to start a chaplaincy program.
  • Bibliography of chaplaincy resources.
  • Available network of Police, Fire, and EMS Chaplains


MWCN supports volunteer chaplains, paid chaplains, and assists emergency response agencies in developing local chaplaincy programs.


Individual ($75.00 annual fee)

  • Appointed to chaplaincy by an emergency response agency
  • Endorsed by their religious body for law enforcement, fire, or EMS chaplaincy
  • Have at least five (5) years experience in pastoral ministry

Agency/Department Sponsored

Your agency/department can sponsor all of its Chaplains under one membership.  Annual Fees are:

  • 1-5 Chaplains          $75.00 per Chaplain
  • 6-10 Chaplains       $70.00 per Chaplain
  • 11 or more                $65.00 per Chaplain


MWCN Individual Application - Download, print, complete, sign and date.

MWCN Corporate Application - Download, print, complete, sign and date.

Criminal Background Check  - All individual members require verification a criminal background check has been completed (may be included in the agency endorsement letter). Agency sponsored memberships can verify for all of their Chaplains.

Annual Membership Dues - As listed above.


Police, Fire, or EMS Agency Endorsement- On letterhead, addressed to MWCN, currently dated, signed, verifying a criminal background check and appointment date.  Agency sponsored memberships can endorse all of their Chaplains in one endorsement.

Ecclesiastical Endorsement- For individual memberships only: On letterhead, addressed to MWCN, currently dated and signed from a denominational or congregational official attesting to your ecclesiastical standing.