Strategic Chaplaincy in the Days We're In...

Let's begin by defining the word "strategic": "Highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war."

We are in a war.  Each day that goes by seems to reveal an ever-increasing sense of lawlessness. As an active police Chaplain for a major metropolitan area, it grieves me that we've already hit 115 homicides this year.  There is a spirit of murder and anger that seems to be running rampant and unchecked.  Instead of working out differences in an amicable way, people point and shoot - unloading their magazine, reloading, and firing again.  Generally speaking, people seem to have lost all sense of common decency and respect when it comes to communicating with someone who may hold different beliefs or opinions. Hate, prejudice, and fear are slithering through our streets, taking prisoners by the thousands.  And as Chaplains, we often end up right in the middle of it all on the worst possible day of someone's life.

How do we as First Response Chaplains minister strategically in these days?

Midwest Chaplain Network is going to be addressing that question in 2019.  As the darkness of this world grows stronger and darker, the light and salt that we reflect and bring into the midst of that darkness must be brighter and saltier than ever before!

I would love to hear from you. What do you feel needs to be done to become strategic in our mission? How do we become more tactical and proficient in what we're called to do?

Visit our "Contact Us" page and shoot me your thoughts!  Together, we can make an impact on darkness and lawlessness in 2019!


Kevin Hardy
Executive Director
Midwest Chaplain Network



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