It's Not IF... It's WHEN

It's that time of year here in the Midwest. It's not a matter of IF something's going to happen, it's WHEN it does happen are you ready to respond to bring hope to someone on the worst possible day of their life?

As Chaplains, we need to be prepared "in and out of season" to bring the Word, through both actions and words.  Being prepared and present in a time of crisis is as effective as being a lighthouse in the midst of a raging storm!  We offer hope in a time of hopelessness and chaos.

In a crisis setting, we must remember that we are shepherds to a very unique "flock": those who have been traumatized by an event that has forever changed "normal" for them.  By being present, by being non-judgmental, by listening, and by offering hope, we can help our "flock" begin to move forward with focus in a very trying time.

We must remember - we are God's ambassadors to both First Responders and to the community. God is present with us on the scene. His presence empowers us to provide the most effective and appropriate spiritual support within the midst and context of the disaster.  As God's ambassadors, we can offer to those in crisis the assurance that God is with them and that they are not alone.  Not only does that bring comfort and hope, it provides a sense of community that may lead to a person re-connecting their relationship with God.

In the midst of crisis, in the midst of trauma, in the midst of caring for the unique "flock" you will encounter, remember to have a servant's heart! We may hold a position of authority or be prominent in our community, but as a Chaplain we must demonstrate compassion and servanthood just as Jesus did.

Let's all make sure we're prepared to bring hope at any given time in any given circumstance.


Kevin Hardy
Executive Director
Midwest Chaplain Network



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