About Us

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Encouraging, equipping, strengthening, and supporting First Response Chaplains.


To provide proactive, preemptive spiritual and emotional support to First Responders and to the Chaplains that serve them.


  • To honor and respect every man and woman who wears the badge.
  • To be available to the needs of First Response Chaplains and those they serve, including victims of crime and members of the community.
  • To professionally provide spiritual and emotional support, including biblical advice and confidential listening and communication.
  • To subject our ministry to the scrutiny of accountability, ensuring integrity in all we do.

The Midwest Chaplain Network does not ask anyone to water down his or her faith. We do believe in respecting all people and their beliefs.

Chaplaincy differs from being a pastor. Chaplaincy is primarily a ministry of presence. The role of a Chaplain is to serve, not preach, proselytize, or evangelize. We are a witness to our faith by our servant hood, care and love. If and when a First Responder asks why we do what we do, then the door is open to share our faith.